Intellectual Property Policy


Teesbyme has adopted a general policy against copyright and intellectual property infringement as per the United States' general intellectual property laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Teesbyme will respond to the notification in the form provided by jurisdictions other than the United States. 

Regarding notification of responses and complaints of intellectual property infringement or other copyright, you can contact Teesbyme’s Legal Department through an online service; namely, email at

Teesbyme reserved the rights to suspend, deactivate artist account holders and subscribers if proven to have repeatedly violated this policy.

You can find all the answers to the most frequently asked legal questions here.


Teesbyme values ​​the intellectual property of everyone and expects every user to have the same goals. If you find someone else has violated copyright or intellectual property rights, that is, by copying your work. We advise you to provide with information in writing following the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We also expect you to review the requirements with your legal adviser and refer to section 512 (c) (3) of the Copyright Act. Important note:

  • There must be a physical or electronic signature of the person granted the substitute right to act on behalf of someone who has intellectual property and copyright interests.
  • If you believe that someone else has infringed some of your work or intellectual property in the same location, please provide a specific list of descriptions of all the intellectual property or work that you wish to claim as an infringement.
  • Describe where the material relates to a claim against infringement on, which is sufficient to allow Teesbyme to find the content.
  • Provide work or home address, email address, and telephone number.
  • You represent in good faith and believe that you, as the owner of the copyright or intellectual property, its agent, or the law, that the use of the allegedly infringed material is not authorized .
  • You acknowledge that the information you submit is accurate and take an oath that you are the owner of the intellectual property or is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright, or is the owner of one of the exclusive rights under copyright law that is allegedly infringed

Teesbyme may remove and deactivate the material that has violated intellectual property once Teesbyme received the notice. Before deleting and disabling access to the content, Teesbyme will make reasonable efforts to notify users who are suspected of the violation regarding matters relating to the removal of material in the form of reasons for deletion, providing a copy of the notification, and contact information of the complainant.

You acknowledge that if you fail to comply with all the requirements of the notification mentioned above in writing, your notification may become invalid and will be ignored without any liability by Teesbyme if it is not accurate or is incomplete.

Anyone can be subject to an obligation in the form of responsibility if he deliberately makes false statements about the material or carries out activities that have violated or been deleted or disabled due to misidentification. 

This policy is in accordance with Section 512 (f) of the Copyright Act: Deters false claims of infringement by imposing liability on anyone who makes such claims, for the damages suffered by other parties as a result of Teesbyme reliance on the false claim, and for associated legal fees.


If you find that your work has been removed and deactivated due to misidentification. Please email with the “Counter-Notice” under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Please check all the requirements with your legal advisor, please see Section 512 (g) (3) of the Copyright Act.

Provide information:

  • An electronic or physical signature of the account holder.
  • Identify the material that has been removed or disabled access to the location where the material appeared before deleting or deactivating access to that material.
  • A statement under penalty of perjury that the account holder believes in good faith that the allegedly infringing matter was removed as a result of misidentification of the content, which will then be subject to deletion or deactivation.
  • A statement from the account holder giving consent to the jurisdiction of the federal district court for the judicial district in which your address is located, and that the account holder will accept service of process from the person or agent who provided the complaint set forth above.

Please note that providing false statements in your written counter-notice may lead to civil or criminal penalties.

Teesbyme Legal Department will forward the information that the account holder has provided to the complainant once a valid Counter-Notice has been received.  We will re-activate, replace or restore access to the content that was removed if the complainant does not file a court order (lawsuit) within 10 days in regards to the content upon receipt of the Counter-Notice.